It’s Tuesday of the first week back to work and I am slowly getting my groove back into work. I had a great, chill break that involved a lot of movie watching, a sickness, family time, quality friend time, and a trip to Surrey BC for a hockey tournament. I learned at the start of 2020 that traveling away for hockey tournaments are fun (for the kids) and that staying in a hotel with sixteen 7-year-olds is not my jam. I’ll take work travel in nice hotels, by myself thank you very much.

Looking over my last and only two posts I realized that I did have some coaching questions I need to reflect on and respond to- a good opportunity for me to set some clear intentions for what is ahead in 2020. So in the spirit of transparency I will share my thoughts on three questions that were posed to me at the start of December.

  1. How am I going to show up in 2020?
  2. What am I going to do differently?
  3. How will I celebrate growth?

How I going to show up in 2020?

With intention.

That is, with purpose.

What am I going to do differently?

Purposefully listen and pay attention. Be present in conversations. Actively listen (notice this in here twice!) Slow down. I was sick over the holidays and it meant I had to slow down and I found I became a bit of a home body. I was in full Hygge mode and I loved it.

I plan to make more purposeful, intention-ed decisions. That is, before I jump to say YES (which by the way is a default of mine), I will pause and give thought to how the decision affects me, my family, my team, etc.

In addition, ensure that decisions and choices I made are in alignment with my values. Making a difference, appreciation, well being, community.

How will I celebrate growth?

This question is harder for me to answer because it occurs to me that I don’t celebrate my own growth very often, if ever. I was recently promoted and now that I reflect on that I realize that I didn’t celebrate that success. Rather, I have moved right into the to-do list, the next step, the forward momentum.

I think celebration will be sharing progress here, as well as with family and friends.

To be honest, I need to reflect on this question a bit more. Perhaps you might share with me how you celebrate your own growth?